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Noir, Crafted from the finest black fabric, this mesmerizing dress is adorned with exquisite self-embroidery that sprawls gracefully across its entirety, casting a spell of enchantment with every stitch. The intricate patterns dance delicately in the moonlight, creating a tapestry of allure that captivates the eye and ignites the imagination.

Adding to its allure, delicate lace detailing graces the neckline and sleeves, lending a touch of sophistication and refinement to the ensemble. The contrast between the dark elegance of the black fabric and the ethereal beauty of the lace creates a mesmerizing juxtaposition, ensuring all eyes are drawn to the captivating silhouette.

Completing the ensemble are flared pants that echo the elegance of the dress, adorned with lace detailing that adds a sense of continuity and harmony to the look. Together, the dress and pants form a stunning ensemble that exudes confidence and sophistication, perfect for any special occasion or evening affair.

Material: PK Rawsilk/ Cotton net 
*Inner not included

* For customization, please mention the required measurements in checkout notes. 

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